KCRT-TV has a variety of television programs to interest the viewers of the East Bay on Comcast and the entire Bay Area of San Francisco region on AT&T uVerse. Along with city government and school board meetings, KCRT presents programs on travel, food, entertainment, military news, and education. These shows are produced locally, as well as around the country.  

What's On KCRT:

  1. Meetings

    KCRT's coverage of City of Richmond Meetings and West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education Meetings

  2. Regular Series

    List of our regularly aired programs on the KCRT Lineup.

  3. Specials

    Special programming seen on KCRT-TV and

  1. Agendas

    KCRT presents City Agendas, an on-screen preview of that week's agendas for City Council, Planning Commission, Human Resources Management Department Personnel Board and others (when listings are available).

  2. NewsBytes

    KCRT presents "NewsBytes," a block of short segments spotlighting Richmond.

  3. Datanet (Billboard)

    Datanet is KCRT's informative, on-air bulletin boards that can be seen at various times throughout the schedule and between programs.