John E. Marquez (Incumbent)

Candidate Statement of Qualifications
For the General Election to be held on November 4, 2008

(Elections Code sections 13307, 13308, 13309, 13311)

After the statement has been filed, it will be printed exactly as submitted.

Candidate Full Name: John E. Marquez

Contest ID# _______, Office Name: Councilmember, Term of Office: 4 years Year Term: 2013

My name is: John E. Marquez

My age is (Optional):

My occupation is: Retired Peace Officer/Educator (Optional – Occupation shown above may be more descriptive than what will appear on the official ballot)
Education and Qualifications: AA, BA Degrees, Community College Life Teaching Credential

Richmond has experienced difficult times in recent years. Four years ago, Richmond had a $35 million dollar deficit and was on the edge of filing for bankruptcy. Because the current City Council demonstrated leadership and made difficult decisions, Richmond now has a balanced budget and a multi-million dollar reserve.

In years past, Richmond’s positive spirit brought families together to benefit the entire community; working families earned good wages and built good lives.

Today, Richmond is experiencing change that is attracting new businesses, industries in solar energy, food manufacturing and alternative fuels. This has renewed my confidence in our future. I believe that better days are ahead of us.

I believe that job creation is crime prevention. We must continue to attract jobs for our young adults and working families! We must work to keep good jobs that pay a living wage and that offer health benefits.

I believe that we can prevent crime by adding Police Officers, Violence Prevention Services and job training. Officers alone cannot stop violence. Therefore, we must be proactive in providing crime prevention alternatives.

Richmond’s can-do spirit worked before, and it can work again.